Lots of Humans in the Loop

Back in December I gave a seminar at Microsoft Research Cambridge into my research interests around Lots of Humans In the Loop (LHIL) control. The seminar was recorded and can be viewed on Microsoft's site using the link below.

This is a trailer for a small article that will be appearing on the BBC's The One Show on the 24th August 2012.

I was involved in the making of this back in May and it was a lot of fun, so I hope the finished article will be informative and fun too.

I am not allowed to give away specific details on the content of the article before the programme is broadcast, but I can say it is about machine learning in traffic control and it involves a traffic control experiment on a grand scale.

James Snowdon's new website contains some really interesting stuff on traffic control and complexity science in general. Plus it links over to this website so in the spirit of mutual backslapping: http://snowdonjames.com/

This month I helped to run a Transportation Research Group exhibit at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition. The exhibit was called 21st Centrury Traffic Control: The Invisible Referee. You can visit the exhibit micro site here.

The exhibit featured three interactive displays. Two of these were touch screen computer games, one on traffic light junction control and one on "phantom waves". The third activity was a Scalextric set with traffic control.

The exhibit also featured some of my research on machine learning in junction control. We had about 14,000 visitors to the exhibition and our exhibit was mentioned in a couple of news articles:

You can read our exhibition blog here.